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    Make Change Work for You, Your Team, & Your Organization

    Date: July 29, 2021, 12:00pm
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    Reimagine Your Tomorrow

    Adapt & Grow in a FCDDup World


    July 29 @ 1 PM EDT


    Make Change Work for You, Your Team,
    and Your Organization

    The SHIFT hit everyone's plans in 2020. The world had to duck and cover. Now that we are emerging from shutdowns, lockdowns, and quarantines, the world that many of us left is significantly different than the world we're living in today. No matter where you live, where you work, or what you do, life is different - and often bizarre and weird. Frustration, Confusion, Distraction, and Disappointment (FCDD) confronts us in unexpected and unimaginable ways. "Normal" means learning to grow and thrive in an era of perpetual uncertainty and complexity. Adaptability is no longer a choice or a nice to have skill but an essential human ability you need to grow and thrive. We all need to become adept at adapting. Help your employees adapt. Start the journey here!