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01/2021 Meetings & Events

    January 2021
    Date Event Type
    January 19 to January 20 SHRM Essentials 2 Day Course
    January 19 Staying Compliant with a Remote Workforce
    January 21 HRCI: Keys to a Fair & Incentivized Compensation Plan
    January 21 The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 2021 Playbook
    January 21 ELA: Insights from Around the Globe
    January 22 A CEO's Perspective: Supporting Employee Well-Being in Unusual Times
    January 26 to January 27 SHRM Essentials 2 Day Course
    January 26 5 HR Trends that Will Shape 2021
    January 27 HCI: How to Deliver on our Annual Promises to the Workplace
    January 27 Workplace Safety & Health in 2021
    January 27 HCI: Optimize Internal Talent Mobility Strategies in 2021
    January 28 Small Business Benefit Trends in 2021
    January 28 HCI: Reimagine People Strategy- Predictions for 2021
    January 28 Panel Discussion: Culture & Employee Engagement
    January 28 Remaining Competitive and Compassionate
    January 28 Innovation Can't Wait: How Digital Health is Stepping Up in a Time of Crisis
    January 28 HCI: The New Framework for Recruiting Success in 2021
    January 28 Strategic HR Planning
    January 28 How to Apply HR's Biggest Lessons from 2020
    February 2021
    Date Event Type
    February 2 Work Opportunity Tax Credit in 2021
    February 2 to May 18 SHRM Exam Prep Course at Holmes CC
    February 3 Key Strategies to Accelerate your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program
    February 3 February 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting
    February 4 A Manager's Guide to Confronting Performance Issues
    February 5 New Law Clarifies & Expands CARES Act
    February 9 Invisible Ink: The Psychological Contract & Employee Experience
    February 9 The Power of Social Media: Violence, Platforms, & Background Checks
    February 11 Background Screening: The Deep Dive into Criminal Records
    February 18 Expert Webinar: Proven Practices for Diverse & Inclusive Investigations
    February 19 to March 26 Employee Benefit Symposium Series Conference
    February 24 HRCI: HR's Courageous Role in Influencing Change
    February 25 An Update on COVID-19 Vaccines & the Workplace
    February 25 Understanding, Adapting to, & Managing the New Digital Workforce
    March 2021
    Date Event Type
    March 2 2021 Wellness Program Update
    March 2 Employee Engagement: How to Know What Your Workforce Really Wants
    March 2 Employee Engagement: How to Know What Your Workforce Really Wants
    March 3 March 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting
    March 3 to March 4 Creating Organizational Stability in 2021 Conference
    March 9 Project Management Principles to Help HR Make an Impact
    March 10 It's Been a Year! What has HR Learned & Where are We Going?
    March 10 Reinventing HR for a Post-Pandemic World
    March 11 5 Ways to Engineer a Powerful Day 1 Experience
    March 17 Creating & Delivering an Amazing Virtual Internship Program
    March 17 The Future of the Employee Benefits Experience
    March 18 New Year, New Workplace: 5 Culture Trends for 2021
    March 18 The Turnover Solution
    March 22 How to Improve Your Organizations Mental Health Initiatives & Outcomes
    March 24 Resilience is for Sissies: How to Build an AntiFragile Organization
    March 24 Retirement Plan Consulting Practice Event for Employers
    March 24 The Biden Administration: New & Anticipated Policy Changes & What they Mean for Employers
    March 25 Shake It Up
    March 31 Assistive Technology: Practical Solutions for Job Accommodations
    April 2021
    Date Event Type
    April 7 Tune in Tuesday: SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2021
    April 7 Gender Pay Equity: The Journey Continues
    April 7 April 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting
    April 7 Manage 4 Performance
    April 7 Adjusting to the Changing Job Market
    April 8 Social Media Issues in the Workplace Conference
    April 8 Wage and Hour Compliance in 2021
    April 8 Wage and Hour Compliance in 2021
    April 8 How to Champion Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace
    April 13 How to Lose an Employee in 10 Days- and How to Keep that New Hire Fire
    April 13 to April 14 FuelX Talent Mobility Conference
    April 14 The Internet Applicant Rule Turns 15 – Why the Rule Is So Important to OFCCP Compliance
    April 14 Reduce the Manual Tasks of your HR Department
    April 14 Digital Transformation: Friend or Foe?
    April 14 Compliance: The Foundation for an Inclusive Culture
    April 14 Metrics that Matter: People Analytics to Support a Changing Workforce
    April 19 Build an Engaging Performance Management Process
    April 20 Future-Ready HR: Leading Breakthrough Performance in the New World of Work
    April 21 Fundamentals of Affirmative Action Planning: Part One
    April 22 How HR is Accelerating Digial Transformation: 4 Lessons from the Pandemic
    April 22 Wellness at Work: Healthy Hearts, Healthy Employees
    April 22 The Best Performer I Have Ever Known
    April 28 Fundamentals of Affirmative Action Planning: Part Two
    April 28 Closing the "Soft" Skills Gap
    April 28 The Competitive Advantage of People Strategy
    April 28 Building Leaders Through Strong Organizational Norms of Behavior
    April 28 Learning to Succeed: The Value of Business Mentoring
    April 28 Learning to Succeed: The Value of Business Mentoring
    April 29 Maintaining Morale, Equity, and Connection in the Hybrid Workforce
    April 29 Are You the Leader Your People Need Right Now?
    April 29 Leadership & Navigation HR Competencies
    May 2021
    Date Event Type
    May 4 ARPA 2021: COBRA Subsidies & Model Notices
    May 5 Diversity Equity Inclusion Now: Build an Inclusive Workforce
    May 5 May 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting
    May 5 OSHA Updates: Are you a Primary or Secondary Target?
    May 6 Creating More Inclusive Workspaces for Non-Binary Employees
    May 6 Boosting Connection, Engagement, & Belonging: Health First's Story
    May 6 Top 10 FMLA Mistakes and Strategies to Avoid Them
    May 11 Shaping Culture in the New World of Work
    May 12 How Employee Communication Became Key to Great Talent Management
    May 13 Navigating the Pay Equity Movement: What Employers Need to Do
    May 13 Leveraging Data and Culture to Grow your Team
    May 18 Effectively Hire & Train Your Employees in a Hybrid Workplace
    May 18 Pioneering the Human Workplace
    May 18 How to Create a Culture of Coaching in Your Organization
    May 18 Learn How to Increase Employee Engagement & Lower Voluntary Turnover
    May 18 Workplace Compliance Trends: What your Organization Needs to Know Now
    May 19 Real Talk: The Pitfalls of Health & Welfare Compliance
    May 19 Recruit & Hire Talent that Stays
    May 20 Boosting Connection, Engagement, & Belonging: Health First's Story
    May 20 Disclosures, Authorizations, & Adverse Action (FCRA)
    May 25 Overcoming Challenges & Cultivating Synergies Between Introverts & Extroverts in the Workplace
    May 26 HR Compliance Trends for 2021 and Beyond
    May 27 Fundamentals of Workers' Compensation & Employment Law
    May 27 Best Practices for Pay Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
    June 2021
    Date Event Type
    June 2 June 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting
    June 3 Creating the HR Trifecta with Peer Coaching- Experience, Engagement, & Effectiveness
    June 7 to June 9 HR Summer School Virtual Event
    June 8 Tune in Tuesday: June 8
    June 9 How to Stay Compliant While Growing Your Remote Team
    June 9 Navigating the Complexities & Barriers of Language While Building your Multicultural Workforce
    June 10 Why Inclusive Family-Forming Benefits Should Cover More Than Just IVF
    June 15 Employee Experience in a Volatile World- Strategic HR Holds the Key
    June 15 Re-Engaging and Reboarding—Returning to the New Not-So-Normal Workplace
    June 16 Engaging Candidates and Employees Through Better Employer Branding
    June 16 HR Tools to Build Trust and Keep Remote Teams Engaged
    June 17 Adapting Culture in the New World of Work
    June 23 Accelerating Leadership Development
    June 24 Best Practices: Hiring and Interviewing- Webinar
    June 29 Employee Experience in a Volatile World- Strategic HR Holds the Key
    June 29 The Role of Coaching in Leadership Development
    July 2021
    Date Event Type
    July 7 July 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting
    July 8 HR Virtual Summit
    July 12 to July 31 Virtual Training: Introduction to Digital Facilitation
    July 14 Improving Performance and Engagement in a Hybrid Working World
    July 14 Staying Competitive with Inclusive Benefits: A Benchmarking Approach
    July 14 Wellbeing and Your EEI&B Strategy: Uniting Your Workforce Around Health, Happiness, & Connection
    July 14 What No One Tells You About the Future of Performance Management
    July 16 Talent! How to Grow It, Find It, Keep It
    July 16 Beyond Resilience: Growth in the Post Pandemic Economy (Part 3)
    July 23 Imagine Leadership, Well-Being, and Coaching as a Unified System
    July 27 How to Strategically Boost Your Employee Experience
    July 28 The Human Side of Change Management
    July 28 The Future of Work: Winning with Humanity
    July 29 Diversity Hiring: How to Leverage Recruitment Technology for Your Pipeline
    July 29 Make Change Work for You, Your Team, & Your Organization
    July 29 Employee Engagement: How to Know What Your Workforce Really Wants
    August 2021
    Date Event Type
    August 3 4 Steps to Making Total Talent Management Part of your Workforce
    August 4 August 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting
    August 5 MS Labor & Employment Law Conference
    August 10 The Remote Work Revolution: Navigating the Transition to Hybrid & Remote Work
    August 12 Oboarding Essential: Teach New Hires to Understand & Optimize Their Behaviors
    August 12 Your Playbook for Recruiting in the Age of Googlization
    August 19 Disclosures, Authorizations, & Adverse Action (FCRA)
    August 25 Tools for Identifying and Addressing Needs to Support Retention and Productivity (Part 1 - Retention)
    August 26 The 15 Essential Practices for Employee Experience: What People Leaders Need to Know Now
    September 2021
    Date Event Type
    September 1 Building Resilient Engagement and Self-Determination: Two Foundational Principles for Managing Remote/Hybrid Teams
    September 1 Tools for Identifying and Addressing Needs to Support Retention and Productivity (Part 2 - Performance)
    September 2 How to Design & Unify Blended Teams
    September 9 to September 12 SHRM National Conference (Las Vegas & Live Online) Conference
    September 9 Winning at R&R and D&I: How to Combine Recognition and Diversity & Inclusion for the Best Results
    September 14 Recruitment Marketing: How High-Performing Companies Attract Talent
    September 14 Reinvigorating Your Culture Through Your Return to Workplace Strategy
    September 15 4 Organizational Practices for Leading L&D Digital Transformation
    September 16 How to Build the Ultimate Employee Experience that Recruits, Engages and Retains Staff
    September 16 HR Automation to Power People, Not Process
    September 16 How to Reconnect Your People with Your Company's Purpose
    September 16 Five Effective Ways to Address the Labor Drought
    September 17 HR Virtual Conference
    September 21 Deep Work Anywhere: Organizational Ergonomics for a Successful Hybrid Workplace
    September 21 How to Promote Employee Experience, Retention and Redeployment with Severance and Workforce Transition Planning.
    September 22 Crush Your Exam Anxiety
    September 23 Preventing Sexual Harassment: How to Build and Maintain a Safer Workplace
    September 23 to September 30 SHRM Foundation Silent Auction - Online
    September 28 How HR Leaders Can Create a More Diverse Future of Work
    September 29 Working Together- Tools for Successful Return to Work
    September 29 How to Create a Customer Focused Culture
    September 29 Develop Leaders Who Ignite Change
    September 29 Navigating the Next Wave of Uncertainty
    September 30 The Future of Work Conference
    October 2021
    Date Event Type
    October 5 MS SHRM Conference Conference
    October 6 October 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting
    October 12 Examining Organizational Efforts that Yield World- Class DEI Results
    November 2021
    Date Event Type
    November 3 November 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting
    November 4 Employers Engagement Forum
    December 2021
    Date Event Type
    December 1 December 2021 CAHRA Meeting Meeting